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Free Sauna Session

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Wellness is within reach because infrared healing light energy has been proven to help our bodies feel better.

Nature brings us infrared light. It’s the healthy, healing rays that come from the sun.   Infrared healing rays are felt on our skin as warmth and are absorbed by our bodies to help them detoxify, relax, improve circulation, recover faster, sleep better, age well, and help us feel good.

The proof of this activity in our body is evidenced in the increase in core body temperature that happens during a 30-minute infrared sauna session. Our sauna is clinically proven to raise your core body temperature 3 degrees, which unleashes the most benefits to our health.

Which sauna type is right for me?

Choosing a sauna to add to your wellness routine means looking at your lifestyle and your health goals to find the sauna that will be the best fit.

Whether it's the relaxation you’re craving or deep detoxification, the infrared sauna will help you achieve your wellness desires. From weight loss to muscle recovery and skin rejuvenation, infrared technology will restore your body and your mind.

We'd love to help you achieve your wellness goals!

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Improve Your Health!

Take a moment to focus on your own self-care. You are moments away from kick-starting your journey to improved health.

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